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Bakelite screw introduction

- Aug 27, 2018 -

The production of bakelite machines can be as small as 3t to 650t. It is a molded product made of resin materials. The price of bakelite machine is low, the shape is easy to produce, and the performance is excellent.

Production of molded bakelite products: widely used in electronics, instrumentation, chemicals, textiles, automobiles, construction, machinery, light industry, household appliances, can be used to replace steel, plastic to replace wood, products can be seen everywhere in life, indispensable resources application.

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Bakelite screw selection considerations

The length of the feeding section is determined by L1, the length of the compression section is determined by L2, and the length of the measuring section is determined by L3, respectively:feeding section L1 (40% screw length), compression section L2 (35%), homogenization section L3 (metering section) (25 %).

Feeding section L1, different plastics, the heat required to preheat to the melting temperature is different, the lower the thermal conductivity, the slower the transfer from the surface of the solid plug to the center. In order to ensure plastics with large heat capacity, high melting point, low thermal conductivity and high latent heat of fusion, the feed section L1 should be longer.

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