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Bar material

- Jul 03, 2018 -

The production of barrels, currently commonly used in China are 45, 40Cr and 38CrMoAIA. The material used for the barrel in the imported extruder is commonly used as alloy steel 34CrAINi and CrMoV9. The yield strength of this material is about 900 MPa. After nitriding treatment, the hardness is above 1000 HV, which is both wear-resistant and has good corrosion resistance. Tungsten carbide alloy cylinder, tungsten carbide alloy + chrome alloy cylinder, tungsten carbide alloy + chrome alloy + nickel alloy cylinder, material alloy is just used as the base material, and the above alloy is cast in the inner hole to improve the wear resistance of the cylinder. Corrosion resistance.

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