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correct shutdown method for Injection molding machine

- Dec 14, 2018 -

At the end of production or when the quality of the injection molding fails, the injection molding machine needs to be temporarily shut down or shut down for a long time. How to do a good job of shutdown is not only related to the quality of the next molding and the loss of raw materials, but also affects the service life of the screw and barrel.

Nissei Machine

1. Temporary shutdown

Just before the molding is completed or before the temporary stop, the material of the barrel is air-blasted, and then the appropriate amount of cleaning material is added to clean the barrel, and the heating switch is used to turn off the electric heating of the barrel. Close the hopper bezel. If it is temporarily short-term shutdown, do not turn off the barrel heat, reduce the heating temperature by 100 to 150 degrees per section.

2. Shutdown

When the material is used up or the required number of products has been produced, it must be shut down.

If the injection molding machine is equipped with a temperature regulator for nozzle temperature adjustment, turn the regulator button to 0 to disconnect the regulator. This is not only to heat the cartridge in the shortest possible time during the next injection operation. Also, in order to prevent the melted resin from staying in the barrel, the residual material in the heating cylinder should be completely removed (simply injected several times), and then the appropriate amount of cleaning material is added to clean the barrel, and the screw is stopped at the most. Front end position. In the manual state, perform the mold clamping (but do not enter the high pressure mold clamping), and return the injection seat and the screw to the stop position. Close the oil pump motor and pay attention to the total power supply of the press

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