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Extruder common sense

- Jul 03, 2018 -

he function of the extruder screw is to gradually change the rubber material into a linear motion with the rotary motion of the screw, and move to the direction of the machine head, and cooperate with the fuselage to compress heat, soften and stir, and mix the rubber compound.

The screw is made up of threads and cylinders. The screw has a long hole along the center line for cooling water. The tail of the screw is mounted in the thrust bearing to prevent the reaction force from being pushed out when the rubber is squeezed.

The diameter of the screw is slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the steel sleeve of the fuselage, that is, the diameter of the screw has a gap with the inner surface of the steel sleeve, and the gap is generally controlled to be 0.002 to 0.004 times the diameter of the screw. Too small a gap will cause the screw to "broom", causing wear and even causing a stuck screw; too much clearance of the rubber will affect the extrusion volume, low production efficiency, and will affect product quality.

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