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Function and Application of Conical Twin Screw

- Nov 30, 2018 -

Function and Application:

twin conical screws

The conical twin-screw extruder has the characteristics of uniform plasticizing and kneading, high output, stable quality, wide adaptability, long service life and direct molding of PVC powder. With the corresponding molding head die and auxiliary machine, various thermoplastics, especially hard polyvinyl chloride powder, can be directly extruded into plastic products such as tubes, plates, sheets, rods, films and profiles, and can also be completed. Modification of various plastics and powder granulation process.


The conical twin-screw extruder has stable performance, which can make the melt plasticize and extrude at a lower temperature. The barrel is equipped with a cast aluminum heater, which has high thermal efficiency, fast and uniform heating, and is equipped with a cooling fan.


The specially designed transmission part is driven by a new variable frequency motor or DC motor, which has stable operation, large transmission torque and high efficiency. Through imported inverter or DC converter, it can achieve stepless and smooth speed regulation, high precision and energy saving. The intelligent dual-display digital temperature controller has high control precision and small temperature fluctuation. It has overload protection and fault alarm, screw core oil circulation constant temperature, barrel oil cooling and other functions, and is equipped with vacuum exhaust pipe device and quantitative feeding device.

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