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Screw barrel installation precautions

- Sep 25, 2018 -

Plastic Injection Screw Barrels.png

1. Apply a heat-resistant grease (such as MoS2) to the thread of the bolt and the rib surface of the screw head to prevent high temperature rust.


2. Confirm the screw type.


3. Pay attention to the direction when installing the check ring. The direction of double chamfering (large chamfering) should be in the direction of the screw so that it can be fed during storage.


4. Note that the clearance between the anti-reverse ring and the barrel should be adjusted to a clearance of 0.08-0.10MM from the cylinder.


5. Note that the screw head tightening direction is counterclockwise. (anti-ribbing)


6. The front barrel screws must be tightened symmetrically.


7. The barrel cooling system should be cleaned up to ensure smoothness. Be sure to use the raw tape properly and wrap it around the process plug.


8. Install the inlet and outlet fittings and press the water to test the pressure. The pressure of 0.8Mpa does not leak.

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