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Screw design principle

- Jul 03, 2018 -

The main part of the pin screw is a conventional screw which can be placed in the groove of the melting section or the metering section of the screw or the smooth cylindrical surface without the groove at the end of the metering section. The pins are arranged in a certain arrangement, and the density can vary from one to another. The cylindrical pin is formed by fitting the pin into the hole of the screw; the square or diamond pin is formed by milling the pin directly on the screw.

If the pins are arranged in the melting zone, the pin can break the solid bed, destroy the two-phase flow, stir the solid and liquid phases together, and increase the contact area between the final dissolved solid phase fragments and the contained materials, and promote Melt. If the pin is placed in the melt transfer zone, its primary function is to split the flow, increase the interface, change the direction of the flow, and rearrange the flow. Dividing and converging multiple times, changing the flow direction to homogenize the melt composition and temperature.

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