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Screw Wear Description and Prevention

- Aug 15, 2018 -

Fillers like fiber glass will result in forceful wear in feed segment of the screw.

Ordinarily, the wear is on the push side of the flight. the fundamental reasons that most of the wear happen in the territories specified is that the screw is in the pellets ,in this portion of the screw and the composite are turn then close to the external surface of the pellets and are rubbing against the unprotected steel base of the screw. the other proof of improper screw outline for composite thermoplastic resin is in the zone of screw wear. In the event that the volumetric pressure degree has not be improved for the composite wear will be clear in the root of the screw channel. Different filler cause the wear to happen in diverse area of the rough wear.

screw wear.jpg

Once the gum begins to dissolve, a film of dissolve material start to help lubricate up the range between pellets and base of the screw. Wear is erosion of material at whatever point two surfaces in contact experience relative sliding movement under the activity of contact power. Wear can be adhesive, abrasive. Following are the ways and intends to prevent or less the wear

1. Improve working conditions.

2. The right decision of material, as per the fundamental type ofwear.

3.Improve the nature of repair.

4. A surface treatment.

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