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Selection and operation of used injection molding machines

- Dec 20, 2018 -

Nowadays, the market for used injection molding machines is very competitive, and the types of injection molding machines are also very numerous. Therefore, it is very important for customers to purchase a suitable second-hand injection molding machine, but many users are often overwhelmed when purchasing. In fact, when choosing a second-hand injection molding machine, it is best to choose the one that suits you.


    Second-hand injection molding machines should be selected in combination with their actual conditions, economic conditions, equipment production capacity, consumption, etc. Since the type of injection molding machine required by different customers is different, you should choose the equipment with the right performance. The size of the injection molding machine should be suitable. Generally, the height, thickness and width of the injection molding machine will affect its production efficiency and quality, and the stability of the injection molding machine during use should be guaranteed.

   In addition to performance, the price should also be reasonable, so the purchase cost is also a very important factor. In addition, it is most important to choose a suitable, reliable and regular manufacturer. For those who are not good at integrity, it is best not to buy, and the credibility is very crucial.

used injection molding machines

Whether it is a second-hand injection molding machine or other mechanical equipment, you need to master certain methods and skills when operating. Not only can guarantee the quality of work, improve work efficiency, extend the life of equipment, but also ensure the safety of operators. Before using the injection molding machine, the operation methods in use and after shutdown are different:

  1. Before starting the machine: The used injection molding machine should be inspected before starting the machine to see if the electrical appliance or other components are affected by the tide. If it is necessary, the maintenance personnel will process it and then turn it on. In addition, you should carefully check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements, and whether the parameters of all aspects of the equipment are normal.


    2. In use: Do not touch other parts casually while the equipment is running, and do not modify the parameters at will. If there is a phenomenon of material leakage in the vent hole above the nozzle during production, it should be processed in time. If an abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be stopped and checked in time. After the repair, it is determined that there is no problem and then turned on.


    3. After use: Before the machine is stopped, the injection molding machine should ensure that there is no raw material inside, and after the stop, do the corresponding protection work, etc., the power should be cut off, and non-professionals can not touch it casually. In addition, the injection molding machine should be cleaned and maintained regularly to extend its service life.

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