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Structure and application of mixing ring screw

- Dec 03, 2018 -

  The characteristics of the machine mixing ring screw are that the mixing elements are arranged at the position of the metering section, mainly for mixing and homogenizing. Based on mechanical manufacturing process considerations, there are generally two forms of structure, namely pin type and barrier type.

 mixing ring

In the plasticizing process, the pin-type mixing element fully utilizes the splitting action of the pin. During the splitting process, the small pieces that are not plasticized in the front section will continuously absorb heat from the molten material, thereby making the whole molten material The temperature is lowered. When the plastic passes through the pin, the solid phase in the material is pulverized and refined, and the melting time is shortened. And because of the multiple mixing, the plasticized melt can be obtained. With this structure, it is more suitable for raw materials that require higher temperature control and require less temperature rise during processing. Such as HPVC, PET transparent materials. In the design, attention should be paid to the selection of parameters such as the position, number and circulation area of the pin.

 mixing barrier

In the plasticizing process, the barrier type mixing element can further homogenize the remaining unplasticized micro-cracks by using the shearing action of the barrier ribs between the feeding trough and the discharging trough, and at the same time, the material is further homogenized. Also mixed. With this configuration, the material should contain a certain amount of solid phase material before entering the mixing section to maximize the efficiency of such components. The color mixing and plasticizing effects are better, but for some products with high transparency or materials with poor thermal stability, attention should be paid to the parameters of the mixing elements.

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