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Two color injection molding machine screw

- Sep 05, 2018 -

Nowadays, two-color molding not only requires a simple combination of two or more color plastics, but also higher precision in the injection molding machine in terms of product precision, beautiful appearance, better blending of different color plastics, and product molding cycle. Requirements. Equipment from different manufacturers has their own advantages and features.

Two-color injection molding machine screw application range

The two-color machine series products have been widely used in the mobile phone industry, pen industry, automobile industry, hand tool industry and daily goods industry. Suitable for multi-color chips, two-color TPU soles, two-color handles, two-color straps and other two-color, multi-color and hard rubber-coated products.


Two-color injection molding machine features

Matching automatic inserting and removing system, can realize unmanned operation, professionally develop vertical injection molding machine automatic inserting system, fully automated workflow, high efficiency, low cost, double color [double material] 叁 lower mold disc alternate operation , can automatically inlay, take parts, reduce labor costs, stabilize production efficiency, stabilize quality, stabilize production capacity

Clamping force: 35-500Tons.

Injection amount: 2.5-50 OZ (74g-1400g).

Injection speed: High-precision, full-closed, high-speed injection system with an injection speed of 300-1000mm/s.

General performance of the disc machine: 4-column 3-station two-color vertical disc injection molding machine: vertical clamping, upright injection or horizontal injection for easy inserts; multi-station disc for increased productivity; high efficiency disc gear transmission from flat Self-lubricating wear-resistant sheet bearing; cooling water adopts central synchronous transport/water device (water pipe can be synchronized 360-degree rotary or 180-degree positive and negative transport/water supply device, complete cooling mold solution); rotating fast positioning is accurate (using positioning cylinder positioning The positioning accuracy is ±0.02mm, the positioning is not closed, and the mold is safe. The surface of the disc is chrome-plated, rust-proof, beautiful and durable. The power of the disc can be selected from the hydraulic motor and the servo motor system.

Two-color injection molding machine screw barrels, due to different color combinations, can give new life to the old product (mold). The core material can use low viscosity materials to reduce the injection pressure. This model can also be used to produce monochrome products, which can be used in a single machine to provide diversified functions and comprehensive services.


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