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About Bimetallic Barrel

- Sep 06, 2018 -

With the rapid development of the plastics processing industry, various new types of modified plastic materials continue to emerge. In high-strength reinforced plastic materials, reinforcing fibers such as carbon, asbestos, glass, and boron are often added; in addition, in order to obtain various special properties, or to reduce production costs, plastic resins are often required to be added in a certain proportion. Various fillers, such as chalk, silica, recrystallized white, clay, cellulose, mica, talc, alumina and metal powder. The addition of these reinforcing agents, fillers and inorganic colorants, or the incorporation of sediment impurities into the machine during recycling of recycled plastics, has intensified the corrosion of the heart parts of the plastic extruders and plastic injection machines - the melter barrel and the conveying screw. Or wear failure, resulting in reduced production efficiency of processing machinery, unstable product quality, increased number of repairs and replacement parts, and increased costs, which have a great impact on the economic benefits of various plastic processing enterprises. The production situation is increasingly eagerly appealing to replace the conventional nitriding barrel screw with a highly wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant bimetallic barrel and screw as a heart part of the machine, extending the life of the machine.

bimetallic barrel centrifugal casting.jpg

What is a bimetallic barrel? The surface of the inner hole of the barrel (or referred to as the sol cylinder) is composited with different kinds of high wear-resistant or highly corrosion-resistant alloy materials as a working layer. The alloy material generally has a thickness of 2.0 to 3.0 mm, a Rockwell hardness of 60 degrees or more, and a specially machined barrel, which is a bimetallic barrel; and a bimetallic screw is specified in its spiral edge. The working surface, or the entire spiral working face, is a special alloy with a thickness of 1.0 to 2.0 mm (the Rockwell hardness of the alloy is generally 58 degrees or more), which is specially machined. The unique advantage of bimetal barrel and bimetal screw is that it is less than 1 times higher than the price of ordinary nitriding cylinder screw, and the theoretical service life is 4 times or more than that of ordinary nitriding cylinder screw. .

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