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Screw Anti-corrosion Technology

- Jul 03, 2018 -

Stainless steel screws are made of metal, and metal corrosion protection methods are mainly in four aspects, namely the nature of the material, the environment used, the interface between the data and the environment, and the design of the improved metal structure. If a complete corrosion-resistant alloy is used to make the stainless steel screws Unless there is a special need, it is not practical in terms of economics, or it can be completely isolated from the appearance of the screw and the environmental elements that will cause corrosion. It may not be feasible in practice, and it may be very difficult. Improved metal structure design can improve the impact of special conditions under certain conditions, but the design of most stainless steel screws can not be fully corrected, and its maintenance role is not permanent, so this method can not basically deal with the problem, as long as it is on the interface Anti-corrosion, that is, external anti-corrosion treatment is currently the most widely used method.

Stainless steel screw surface anti-corrosion treatment refers to the application of maintenance layer on the metal surface by various methods. Its function is to isolate the metal from the corrosive environment to suppress the corrosion process or reduce the contact between the corrosive medium and the metal surface. Avoid or mitigate the purpose of corrosion.

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