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Screw Tip For Injection Molding Machine

- Sep 03, 2018 -

The screw tip is an important part of the injection molding machine. 

   First of all, the screw tip is composed of three parts: torpedo head, collar ring and seat ring. It is used for sealing, mixing and plasticizing. Therefore, the quality of the screw tip is largely determined the quality of the product injection molding, do not underestimate these three small parts, if they are not handled well, the scrap rate of the injection molding products tends to be high and scary, and when it is serious, it has to be shut down for maintenance and then restarted.

screw tip set.jpg

    Secondly, the aprons can effectively prevent the plastic melt from leaking back in reverse, and in order to ensure the sealing effect, it is used in cooperation with the rubber meson, and the closed structure can better achieve the anti-leakage effect. The speed of the anti-reverse action also largely determines the precision of the injection molding products. The stroke of the anti-reverse action, the sealing press and the exit time of the rubber head determine the reaction speed of the apron. Therefore, the use of quality parts is especially necessary.

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