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Conical Twin Screw and Barrel

Conical Twin Screw and Barrel

Film Blow Screw and Barrel for Blowing Molding Machine Product Parameter Product Features Film Blow Screw and Barrel for Blowing Molding Machine Blow molding is a specific manufacturing process by which hollow plastic parts are formed and can be joined together: It is also used for forming glass...

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Product Details

Bimetallic Plastic Extruder  Conical Twin Screw and Barrel



Product Parameter

Bimetallic Plastic Extruder  Conical Twin Screw and Barrel


Heat treatment and High frequency quenching

Screw Diameter


Bimetallic hardness

HRC 58-60


≤grade 2

Barrel bimetallic depth


Screw Bimetallic Depth


Product Features

Bimetallic Plastic Extruder  Conical Twin Screw and Barrel



Conical twin-screw extruder has the characteristics of uniform plasticization, high yield, stable quality, wide adaptability, long service life, pvc direct molding and so on. Equipped with corresponding measuring mold head mould and auxiliary machine, various thermoplastic plastics, especially PVC powder, can be sent directly from urban management, pull, film, rod, film and special-shaped plastic products, etc. Plastic modification and powder granulation process. The melt can be well plasticized and extruded at a relatively low temperature. A cast aluminum heater is installed on the barrel, which has high thermal efficiency, rapid and uniform heating, and is equipped with a cooling fan, a specially designed transmission part, which is driven by a new type of variable frequency motor or DC motor drive, smooth operation, large transmission torque, high efficiency. Cone double screw steady speed, high precision and energy saving. Adopting intelligent double display digital temperature controller, high control accuracy and small temperature fluctuation. It is equipped with functions such as overload protection and fault alarm, oil circulation temperature of the screw core, oil cooling of the barrel, vacuum exhaust pipe device and quantitative feeding device.

Screw Production Process


Barrel Production Process


Application Area

Applications in Plastic Products


Applications in Plastic Machinery



Bimetallic Plastic Extruder  Parallel Twin Screw and Barrel

Our Advantages

◆ Customized Solutions

◆ Available in different machines and sizes

◆ Highly Polished and processed

◆ Good Performance

◆ Higher Corrosion Resistance

◆ Higher Wear resistance 


Stock Room

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Package and Delivery



Q: Is your company a trading company or a factory?
A: Factory + Trading company. (mainly factory, quality and price are more competitive)
Q: How about your Price?
A: Competitive and reasonable with qualified products.
Q: Where is Port departure?
A: Ningbo Port 


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