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Grooved Feed Screw and Barrel

Grooved Feed Screw and Barrel

Plastic Extrusion Screw Barrel for PVC Pipe Extruder Product Parameter Product Features Plastic Extrusion Screw Barrel for PVC Pipe Extruder Pipe extrusion should be based on the pipe production specifications to choose the extruder specifications, which can ensure product quality and reasonable...

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Product Details

Grooved Feed Screw And Barrel Made in China


Product Parameter

Customized Grooved Feed Screw And Barrel

Hardness After Hardening and Tempering

HB240 – 280

Bimetallic hardness

HRC 58-60

Base material

38CrMoAIA or SKD61 or 42CrMo

Bimetallic process

PTA Welding

Basic information

Heat treatment and High frequency quenching

Maximun screw length


Product Features

Grooved Feed Screw and Barrel  


Advantages of Grooved feed screw and barrel:

1.The slotted feed section can be used as a forced transport to significantly increase solids transport stability (ie extrusion stability). Even if there is a great change in the back pressure caused by adjusting the gap of the die mouth, the yield fluctuation is very small.

2.In addition to increasing the solids transfer rate, because the polymer axial pressure gradient in the slotted feed extruder is less than zero, the melt pressure flow in the screw channel is in the same direction as the drag flow (non-notched extruder reverse), so Improves melt transfer capacity. Therefore, the output of slotted feed extruders is higher.

3.As the screw speed or back pressure increases, the melt temperature rises only slightly.

4.Grooved feed screw and barrel can be processed non slotted feed extruder difficult to process polymer, such as high molecular weight high Density polyethylene (UHMWHDPE), powder, etc.

Screw Production Process


Grooved Feed Screw and Barrel

Our Advantages

◆ Customized Solutions

◆ Available in different machines and sizes

◆ Highly Polished and processed

◆ Good Performance

◆ Higher Corrosion Resistance

◆ Higher Wear resistance

Grooved Feed Screw And Barrel in stock

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Q: Where is your factory located?
A: In Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, close to Ningbo and Shanghai.
Q: Can you make customize screw and barrel?
A: Yes! We can customize according to your detailed requirements.
Q: Delivery time?
A: 30 working days upon receipt of 30% deposit

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