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Parallel Twin Screw and Barrel

Parallel Twin Screw and Barrel

Grooved Feed Screw and Barrel Product Parameter Product Features Grooved Feed Screw and Barrel Advantages of Grooved-feed screw and barrel: 1.The slotted feed section can be used as a forced transport to significantly increase solids transport stability (ie extrusion stability). Even if there is...

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Product Details

Bimetallic Plastic Extruder  Parallel Twin Screw and Barrel



Product Parameter

Bimetallic Plastic Extruder  Parallel Twin Screw and Barrel

Base material

38CrMoAlA 42CrMo

Aspect ratio

L / D = 15-46

Bimetallic Screw

Plasma Alloy Coating Spraying

Bimetallic Barrel/Cylinder

Centrifugal Casting (Inlay Alloy)

Barrel bimetallic depth


Screw Bimetallic Depth


Product Features

Bimetallic Plastic Extruder  Parallel Twin Screw and Barrel



Parallel twin-screw extruder: The plasticity of length-diameter ratio is the advantage of parallel twin-screw. It can increase and decrease the length-diameter ratio according to the difference of molding conditions to meet the requirements of plastic processing technology. The application scope of parallel twin-screw can be extended. , but this conical twin-screw extruder is difficult to achieve

Screw Production Process


Barrel Production Process


Application Area

Applications in Plastic Products


Applications in Plastic Machinery



Bimetallic Plastic Extruder  Parallel Twin Screw and Barrel

Our Advantages

◆ Customized Solutions

◆ Available in different machines and sizes

◆ Highly Polished and processed

◆ Good Performance

◆ Higher Corrosion Resistance

◆ Higher Wear resistance 


Stock Room

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Package and Delivery



Q: Do you have screw barrel in stock

A: Yes! Especially for screw barrel for Haitian Machines, we have large stock which can be delivered promptly.

Q: What are the main base materials do you use?

A:  38CrMoAlA,  40Cr, 42CrMo, SKD61, TGS2, TGS3, etc.

Q: Are you the direct manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are.


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