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Screw Barrel for Chenhsong

Screw Barrel for Chenhsong

Screw Barrel for Chenhsong/Borch/ENGEL Injection Molding Machine Product Parameter Product Features Screw Barrel for Chenhsong/Borch/ENGEL Injection Molding Machine We supply diverse single screw and barrel for different injection molding machines, like: Haitian, Haitai, Haida, Chenghong, Borch,...

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Product Details

Screw Barrel For Chenhsong


Product Parameter

Screw Barrel for Chenhsong Machine


High Quality38CrMoALA

Plastic materials can your screw barrel process

General Plastics, ABS, PA, PC, PE, PET,PP, PS, EVA, PU, PVC, U-PVC, PA + GF(Glass Fiber),Flame-resistant Reinforced Plastics, Modified Engineering Plastics, Recycled Material, etc

Nitrided Hardness

HV850 – 1000

Bimetallic hardness

HRC 58-60

Surface  chromium-plating's hardness after nitriding



Injection Molding Machine Such  As: Haitian/Haida/Huachen/Jsw/Nessei/Chongsong/Tedric/Toshiba/Battenfeld/Engel/Yizumi

Product Features

Screw Barrel for Chenhsong Machine


Chenhsong Injection Molding Machines includes:

MK6  series

Speed  series

SVP/3 + series

SVP/2 series

EM-V series

C3 series

TP Advanced

Chenhsong Barrel Production Process


Screw Barrel For Chenhsong Applications in Plastic Machinery


Screw Barrel for Chenhsong Machine

Stock Room

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Q: How about your screw barrel quality compared to Machine suppliers?

A: In fact, we have many machine supplliers and agents buying screw barrel from us, the quality and price are both competitive .

Q: Do you have screw barrel in stock

A: Yes! Especially for screw barrel for Haitian Machines, we have large stock which can be delivered promptly.

Q: How to contact your company sales?

A: Kindly save Mobile phone number: +86 15958098091, available in WhatsApp, Wechat, Imo, Messenger.

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