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Vented Type Screw and Barrel

Vented Type Screw and Barrel

Extruder Screw and Barrel for Pelletizer and Granulator and Recycling Machine Product Parameter Product Features Extruder Screw and Barrel for Pelletizer and Granulator and Recycling Machine Advantage Because the pulverulent material is finished under the wet condition, the granulation and its...

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Product Details

Vented Type Screw For Extruder suppliers


Product Parameter

Vented Type Screw and Barrel for Injection Molding Machine and Extruder

Base material

38CrMoAIA or SKD61 or 42CrMo

Basic information

Heat treatment and High frequency quenching

Nitrided Brittleness

Less than grade2

Nitrided Hardness

HV850 – 1000

Maximum screw length


Plastic materials can your screw barrel process

General Plastics, ABS, PA, PC, PE, PET,PP, PS, EVA, PU, PVC, U-PVC, PA + GF(Glass Fiber),Flame-resistant Reinforced Plastics, Modified Engineering Plastics, RecycledMaterial, etc

Product Features

Vented Type Screw and Barrel for Injection Molding Machine and Extruder



1, injection temperature

 Must be integrated product shape, size, mold structure. Generally used in the 270 ° ~ 320 °, if the high material temperature exceeds 340 °, PC will be decomposed, the product color becomes dark, the surface appears silver, dark, black spots, bubbles and other defects, while physical machinery Performance also decreased significantly.

2, injection pressure

The general control is between 80-120Mpa. For products with thin walls, long flow, complex shapes, and small gates, the higher injection pressure is 120-145Mpa.

3, pressure and pressure holding time

High material temperature and low holding pressure

The choice of pressure holding time should be determined by the thickness of the product, the size of the gate, the mold temperature, etc. Generally, the small and thin product part needs a long holding time. On the contrary, the large and later product holding time should be longer.

The length of holding time can be determined by the test of the gate sealing time.

4, injection speed

In addition to thin-walled, small gate, deep hole, long process products, the general use of medium or slow processing, preferably multi-level injection, generally slow - block - slow multi-stage injection.

5, mold temperature

General control in the 80-100 °, for complex shapes, higher requirements of the product can be increased to 100-120 °.

6, screw speed and back pressure

For PC, generally controlled at 30-60r/min, back pressure control is preferably between 10-15% of injection pressure.

Screw Production Process


Application Area

Applications in Plastic Products


Vented Type Screw and Barrel for Injection Molding Machine and Extruder

Our Advantages

◆ Customized Solutions

◆ Available in different machines and sizes

◆ Highly Polished and processed

◆ Good Performance

◆ Higher Corrosion Resistance

◆ Higher Wear resistance

Vented Type Screw And Barrel in stock

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Package and Delivery



Q: How long since your company run on screw and  barrel industry

A: Since 2010.

Q: How about your screw barrel quality compared to Machine suppliers?

A:In fact, we have many machine suppliers and agents buying screw barrel from us, the quality and price are both competitive

Q: Are you the direct manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are.

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