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HDPE Screw for Injection Moulding Machine

HDPE Screw for Injection Moulding Machine

HDPE Screw for Injection Molding Machine and Extruder Product Parameter Product Details HDPE Screw for Injection Molding Machine and Extruder HDPE is known for its large strength to density ratio. The density of HDPE can range from 0.93 to 0.97 g/cm3 or 970 kg/m3. Although the density of HDPE is...

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Product Details

HDPE Screw for Injection Molding Machine and Extruder


Product Parameter

HDPE Screw for Injection Molding Machine and   Extruder

Hardness after hardening and tempering

HB240 – 280

Screw Diameter


Mould Clamping Force


Bimetallic hardness

HRC 58-60

Bimetallic process

PTA Welding

Product Details

HDPE Screw for Injection Molding Machine and Extruder


Injection molding process of HDPE plastic

High density polyethylene (HDPE)

Barrel temperature Feeding area 30~50(50)

          District 1 160~250(200)

          District 2 200 ~ 300 (210)

          District 3 220~300(230)

          District 4 220 to 300 (240)

          District 5 220 to 300 (240)

          Nozzles 220~300(240)

The temperature in parentheses is recommended as the basic setting, the stroke utilization is 35% and 65%, and the ratio of module flow length to wall thickness is 50:1 to 100:1.

Melt temperature 220~280

Cartridge thermostat 220

Mold temperature 20~60

Injection pressure has good flow performance, avoiding excessive injection pressure of 80 ~ 140MPa (800 ~ 1400bar); some thin wall packaging containers can reach 180MPa (1800bar)

Holding pressure The degree of shrinkage is high, it takes a long time to hold the product. The dimensional accuracy is the key factor, about 30% to 60% of the injection pressure.

Back pressure 5~20MPa (50~200bar); where the back pressure is too low, it is easy to cause product weight and dispersion unevenness.

Injection speed requires high injection speed for thin-walled packaging containers. Medium injection speeds are often suitable for other types of plastic products.

Screw speed High screw speed (line speed 1.3m/s) is permissible, as long as the plasticizing process is completed before the end of the cooling time; the screw torque requirement is low.

Metering stroke 0.5~4D (minimum to maximum); 4D metering stroke provides a long enough residence time for the melt. It is important that the residual material amount is 2~8mm, depending on the metering stroke and screw diameter.

Recovery rate can reach 100% recycling

Shrinkage 1.2~2.5%; easy to twist; high degree of shrinkage; no shrinkage after 24h (shrinkage after molding)

Gate system point gate; heated hot runner, insulated hot runner, in-situ sleeve; relatively small cross-sectional area, sufficient for the thin section products to be machined during the period without special cleaning for other materials; PE temperature resistance Rise

Barrel equipment Standard screw, standard three-stage screw; for packaging container products, mixing section and shear section geometry is special (L: D = 25: 1), straight-through nozzle, check valve.

HDPE Screw Applications in Plastic Machinery



Q: Where is your factory located?

A: In Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, close to Ningbo and Shanghai.

Q: How about your Price?

A: Competitive and reasonable with qualified products.

Q: How to contact your company sales?

A: Kindly save Mobile phone number: +86 15958098091, available in WhatsApp, Wechat, Imo, Messenger.

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